I've been very calm and collect this past week and have kind of had an epiphony. (I know, I've said that before, but this one feels different) Only you are in control. Only you. No one is making your food and exercise decisions but yourself. Be a food snob, say no, eat salads, choose a healthier option at fast food so you don't have to be the weird one at supper eating your tofu burger. Life is all about choices. Three weeks ago I saw myself in a picture & was disgusted. Right then and there, I made a choice, to get my eating under control. Right now I workout when I can, but if I'm not eating right, I won't workout. 30% Gym - 70% Kitchen. My first nutritionist didn't workout - big deal. My second one, is going good. I don't feel pressure to eat a certain way or not eat certain foods in order to lose weight. This is all about me, she gives me some eating tools and it's my choice to use them.

Hi I'm Allyson and I'm a binge eater, yo-yo dieter, but still a health enthusiast. So if I have a health blog, and am co-founder of our Health Committee here at work. (ya, I said co-founder, what's up?!) Why am I overweight? Why aren't I a prime example of health. Well first off. I get very overwhelmed, there are so many different ways to eat, ways to workout, so if I don't do something the right way, I quit and think oh crap I'll start over tomorrow. WRONG-O. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. (Movie: Vanilla Sky)

I have 2 Goals:

1. Eat actual portions.

2. Don't count calories (it's exhausting)

That's all I want to do. I want to eat like a normal person. I'm sick of being so obsessed with food. I want to eat to live, not live to eat. So cliché, but it's true. You can't learn everything in one day. You use what you know, stick with it, then add other tips or tricks along the way. I have also made a conscious decision to not let the scale wager how I feel about myself. My friend knows my weight, and I will weigh in with her once a week, just to stay on track and she will tell me up, down, or same. This week she told me down. And that's just from using portion control. So my first tool is working. The first step, is to have a first step. Once you master that tool, use another tool. As we head into the weekend, don't blow it man. This is YOUR life. Choose greatness. AND REMEMBER 30% gym, 70% Diet. Abs are made in the kitchen.