Alright my little kittens, phew, I think we're heading on the right path here. Slow and steady. Protein drinks, tuna, greek yogurt, water (without flavor packets) and I've been brewing up an idea to make 2014 the best year ever! It's not all set in stone, but I am just going to say I can't wait for Jan. 1! I know, I know, I can start earlier, but it revolves around deletion and substitution of food groups/packets/genre's if you may. And I'm hoping for a life change, not a 2 week challenge. So each month I plan on taking one of my bad habits and replacing it with a positive on. For example, I have this habit eating a lot of supper or lunch, then crave candy bc I'm full (it's weird) so I reach for chocolate. But, let's say in March, I substitute that candy bar for some tea. Ahhh haahhhaa?! But in February I'll be weaning myself off of the dessert addiction, hopefully. And one month I'm going to QUIT, ya I said QUIT anything chocolate that doesn't say 85% or higher of cacao. It's all just a dream right now, but I plan on putting it on paper and executing a plan within the next month and a half.

Anybody have any bad habits they want to kick? Or anyone's they want to remind me that I do and should stop!!!! So that's what's been going on in crazyland.

Monday I started fitnesspal again. It's so funny, but not funny, every time I am coming off a week or more of eating bad, the first day back my head is constantly telling myself, don't eat that, don't eat that, log your food, log your food. That my face probably looks like a glass doll with no emotion, bc it's the hardest thing EVER for that first day back of eating well. My husband EVERYTIME, everytime, asks me what's on my mind or what's wrong. And I just pretend "oh it's nothing," then he keeps asking, then I shout " I'M TRYING NOT TO EAT THE WHOLE HOUSE, I'M FIGHTING CRAVINGS" Like a crazy syko. Right?! I try explaining things to him, poor fella has to deal with my instability. But, if I'm not trying, I'm dying. North Coast What?! So, within the next few weeks I'm going to be devising a plan of attack. I would like suggestions of things you guys do to distract yourself from eating garbage, or things you have substituted with other things, or even weird food you eat like flax meal or whole ginger loaf breads for detoxing, ok I made that last one up. And.... GO!

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