It's been a couple weeks, I guess I should update you, if you don't already know--- It's a Boy!! We had a nice little party and opened a box of blue balloons! And all my daughter could say was "I wanted a girl" "I wanted a girl" choking down the tears. Which got me thinking, did I want a girl too? She was very persuasive.... Naw, I'm good with having a frog loving little boy.
  I guess I haven't really written because I haven't done much physical activity, started any crazy diets or read up on the latest diet fads. I guess that's what happens when your growing a human. You can eat healthy, but you can't get too excited to diet or exercise more than you usually do. My one downfall is I feel my arms getting flabby and it's gross. But, do I lift up some dumbells or get down on my knees for some pushups- NOPE. I really enjoy chips and sour things --- but once I bite into a tomato or cucumber with salt (of course I add salt) I'm like gimme more! So I have to continually remind myself to eat veggies and fruit.
  I don't even want to start running. I see runners on the road, and think to myself and say ::self:: when you get home, you are going to lace up your running shoes, and go for a joggy-jog. The most running I did this weekend was chase my daughter down the sidewalk when she escaped the house from 'time-out'. And while I was chasing her, I felt really awkward and had no desire to attempt running. I think I'll just keep going to my Wednesday class and occasional Monday nighter, and take walks to the park, and just kinda chill out. No regrets right? Perhaps I'll take myself up on an eating challenge of eating 4-5 fruits and veggies a day. Don't you dare gasp at me like "shame on you" On a good day I can average 3.
OKAY- IT'S ON::: FRUITS & VEGGIES CHALLENGE!!! Eat the recommended daily intake. If I beat you, you are sad, sad individuals. I have 1,000's of hormones running through my body on an hourly bases, what's your excuse?! BRING IT! ONE WEEK. See you next Tuesday.

Cravings: SALT. I'm seriously like a deer to a salt block.
Baby Size: Pomegranate - 22 weeks Wednesday
Weight Gain: 17- my goal was 20-25. (I guess I won't be making goal....eeeek) Pretty soon I can blame that weight on my child, and internal features. But for now, I'm just Fatty Faterson.