The first half of this year was not the best of times for Wisconsin's professional sports teams. A heartbreaking playoff loss for the Packers, a disappointing season for the Bucks and a tough first half for our Brewers has us wondering if the best times are behind us.

Although fans of these teams are clearly disappointed with the results so far this year, we have reason to be optimistic. Based on recent performances, one can make a good argument that all three of these teams are in good hands. Strong coaches and very highly regarded executives are in charge.

Each team's general manager has been recognized as the league's best executive within the past two years. And in each case, their head coach was runner-up in Coach of the Year voting. Ted Thompson, general manager of the Green Bay Packers, has actually been named NFL Executive of the Year two times.

So let's have faith in Thompson, John Hammond and Doug Melvin. Chances are good that they'll make the right moves to keep Wisconsin's professional teams stocked with affordable talent. And let's also have faith in their coaches, Mike McCarthy, Scott Skiles and Ron Roenicke. They've proven that they can get the most from the talent their bosses have given them.

Go Packers! Go Bucks! Go Brewers! Great things should happen in 2013.